For Investors

Large and small investors can pool their funds to invest in high-return farming projects that are centrally and expertly managed by a team of professionals to maximise returns. We always use insurance to reduce the risk of losing your initial investment. Weekly updates on the farm situation will be provided to investors.

For Landowners

For our commercial farm projects and large-scale production, landowners can lease their lands to farmers for a set amount of time or a percentage of the crop that has already been agreed upon.

For Farmers

Farmers & farming societies can join our E-Farmer platform to make sure they have access to reliable farming capital,lands and profitable markets for their crops.

For Buyers

Buyers can get high-quality farm goods and raw materials for agro-processing directly from the farmer at prices that are very competitive.

Logistics and transportation firms

Logistics service providers can register on our platform. After the crop is harvested and the buyer is chosen, logistic partners can offer their charges and deliver the goods.

Our Valuable Clients

Major Partners